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Tangled Anchor...What does it mean you ask?  


Tangled Anchor is a metaphor for life.

It suggests that at times life can be messy, but where we place our focus will make all the difference.


Consider, there is nothing wrong with the

'anchor' it just needs to be 'untangled.' see what I did there?!

Whether you are in the midst of the yuck and the stuck or in a place of intentional growth, Tangled Anchor is here to hold you to the highest version of yourself, until you can hold it for yourself.

Simply's clarity in the chaos

Hi, I'm Anna!!
It's nice to meet you!
I am an optimist, a dreamer & a social butterfly.
A health nut, an adventurer and a strawberry addict.
Did I mention I love all things bright and sparkly?!
...cuz I do! 
Certified Health Coach
Events Extraordinaire
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