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Courage with a Side of What the What?!

Hi, Clarity Coach Anna here. Thank you for stopping by!!

What do you think of when you hear the word courage? What is your relationship to courage? Do you find yourself in a place of judgement or possibility around this word?

I recently created a "Content Calendar" per the request of a Social Media Coach. We identified where I am at, where I want to be and what needs to be created to get there. The brainstorming session and the ideas created were energizing and fun. ...Then the due date approached to follow through.

I felt the need for courage. I felt my lack of courage and I followed through anyway. With no idea what may become of my efforts and choosing to release the fear of what may not become of my efforts. I simply chose to focus on one truth: consistent action over a period of time often pays out big results.

So with that I share with you, October is Courage Month for Tangled Anchor. It is an intentional call out and invitation to focus on where courage is showing up in your life. Where you can say yes to courage, no matter how big or small the step.


Be unapologetically YOU and watch what becomes possible.

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